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Our team remains committed to the mission of creating innovative and standardized electric vehicles for everyday urban lifestyle. We promise a great experience through high performance, intelligence, and environmentally friendly technology.

Everyday companions

Our design principle is the use of innovation and technology. Ensuring that all electric motorcycles are ready to meet the challenges on city roads that motorcyclists face every day.

More exciting than ever.

We are passionate about riding electric motorcycles and believe that using electric motorcycles does not have to be boring. Our motorcycles are therefore designed for riders to take full advantage of the urban landscape. To create a good day-to-day experience.

Environmental Revolution

We are on a mission to make electric motor vehicles a new standard, rather than differentiating our SWAG drivers. It must be a leader, which leads to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. With style and vibrancy.


Ride Your Way

Our electric motors are flexible and high performance.
This allows the driver to adjust the mode of use to suit the lifestyle as needed.

Start Faster

Unlike combustion engines, BOSCH's state-of-the-art electric motors offer powerful performance. It has high-power torque for you to accelerate quickly and get out instantly.

Plug & Play

Our batteries can be removed to be easily plugged into a home electrical outlet. And it can be charged overnight safely.