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The news is out, Swag has started their upcoming partnership with Grab Thailand. They held their soft opening of the pre launch for The Grab Green Wheel Project on the 23rd July 2020, located at Thanapoom Towers, where Grab has a space for their drivers to attend for meetings and events.

During the event, Swag’s Executive Director Janson Chen and Grab’s Head of Two Wheels Maythinee Anavachkul invited the lucky drivers who are given the opportunity to ride the Swag bikes for the year long period to come and learn more about the electric vehicles.

Swag’s technician team held a quick training of the basic necessities of the bike.

The upcoming project between Swag x Grab will be a year long partnership between the two Singaporean companies. Swag is proud to be sponsoring Grab with electric motorcycles to help push the use of electric motorcycles. Helping to clean up the pollution of Bangkok city and to spread the awareness of different alternatives to petrol motorcycles.

Turning to EV can not only reduce carbon emissions but to lower the gas expenses which are the main costs of the drivers. Grab Food Delivery also helps reduce the burden of the spare parts of motorcycles, yearly maintenance costs from the long-term development plan.

Swag and Grab have planned together to expand the project to different zones and to help expand the impact and create change when it comes to climate change.

The main event will be held in September 2020. Due to COVID-19 there has been a delay.