fbpx SLEEK

Power Your Passion


LED Headlights

Sleek headlights
With illumination efficiency up to 35 meters
Well designed.
Fits the 16-second latency.

0 M.

Illumination distance

0 second


Dynamic taillights with a modern design

Dynamic taillights, modern design with reflective strips Striking and visually vivid alarm effects For safe driving at night.

For comfort

Easy open cushion with just one button,
Make your journey
More convenient and efficient
Unlock when nearby
Automatic Unlock When within a radius
Safer and faster
Parallel Dual Lithium Battery with BCU
Say goodbye to concerns about stronger power consumption and significantly improved performance with an SOC display that accurately displays energy consumption.
0 V
0 AH
Driving Power

Drive excitingly, experience instant departures at any time, any road, with speeds of up to 90 kph.
0 Km/h

Top speed

0 W

Motor speed

Battery capacity
62v 70AH
Top speed
80 km/h
Braking system
Front/rear disc brakes with CBS system
Hydraulic Oil-based Front/Rear Shock Absorbers
*Battery capacity depends on the number of batteries selected.