fbpx SLEEK


Sporty LED Headlights
LED headlights for high brightness Energy savings and long service life
LCD Dial
All details are easy to drive with lcd digital dial.
0 Km/h

Top speed

0 W


The driving power of the future from Bosch, a quality motor brand from Germany.
Dual battery
Increased performance with dual batteries that will make driving longer and more convenient to charge with light weights.
0 v
0 AH

Terry capacity

0 time

Number of charges

0 Reed.

Light weight

BMS Intelligent Battery Management System

  • size

    720x1880x10900 mm

  • Battery capacity

    60v Voltage 29Ah

  • motor

    2020W from BOSCH

  • Suspension

    Front/rear shock absorbers with hydraulic oil

  • battery

    Lithium-ion battery

  • Charging time

    3.5 hours

  • brake

    Front/Rear Disc Brakes

  • wheel

    90/90-12 Tubeless